Week 11 – Book 11 – “A Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne

This week, I read Jules Verne’s “A Journey to the Center of the Earth”. Like last week, this one was also picked by my dear classmate. Again, she had only seen the movie. Big mistake, I realized after I had browsed through the summary on wiki.

I had a hard time grasping this book. The goal of it is vague. I understand that they we’re going to the center of the Earth, but what was the point? What were they even going to do there? Turn around and climb all the way back? Sure, its an awesome journey and certainly something you should tell your grandchildren about, but other than that, the purpose of their little trip was faint. The ending was also weird, because they seemed satisfied with not having reached the center of the Earth? At least I think they didn’t. I don’t know, I don’t think the author confirmed if they reached it or not in the end?
Also, the language in this book. I’m currently (unfortunately) enduring lessons in geography, and I’m positive that if I didn’t I would understand less than half of the terms. The book’s bordering on fiction, it’s manner and style reminds more of an educative book (non-fiction) and I would describe it as a fictional book narrated scientifically. I felt like I reexperienced when we worked about the age of enlightenment in class: truthful, not very depicting and logical.  Because of this, there’s no flow in this book.

I’m never reading this book again. Even if it’s a classic.

The characters. It’s only three people who appear in the book continuously, considering there’s little people living within the earth’s crust. The main characters who narrates this isn’t much to talk about. He’s as flat as a stone. Though, a pavement would probably be a fitting descriptions of  his personality. His uncle on the other hand, Professor Otto Lidenbrock, is an eccentric man. He’s deeply enveloped in his work and the worst thing is that he’s always right. It kinda feels that the author wants the give him a major advantage of superiority?  The third character, which plays a small, but nonetheless important role is their handyman Hans (this really made my brain self-circuit since Hans can be translated as “his” in Swedish). He doesn’t speak in sentences (or not at all) and seems the be there only fix their physical problems, like building a raft and finding water. This is as complex the story and/or characters gets.


…although I have to say it was ages ago I read a novel that included pictures in it! Kudos for that!


2 thoughts on “Week 11 – Book 11 – “A Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne

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  2. I use the moniker HANDYMANHANS and I have to admit…I am capable of speaking in sentences…and sometimes I am even funny! And I fix things too!!
    see me on handymanhans on wordpress

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