Week 24 – Book 24 – “Snuff” by Terry Pratchett

This week (or the latest days….) I’ve read an author I’ve known for a long while. He’s like my backup when I can’t figure out what to read, because I think I’ve enjoyed all of his  books (of course, the ones that I’ve read), more or less.

I noticed that unlike his other works, this one was distinctively darker. Themes regarding racism, murder and aristocracy were very obvious in the storyline. I’m fine with it, though it distinguish itself from the other books because of it. It also makes it easier to view it as normal novel, instead of the humorous and light books Terry Pratchett. I don’t mean to say that his book aren’t serious by that, only to specify the difference between them.
I think by adding this change of theme, it made me feel more high paced, at least in the final parts of it. You know, when you want to continue reading; you want to known if they caught the murderer, if he died or if he killed anyone else.

The best thing about his books is that they always manage to amuse you. Even if you’re in a bad mood. And it’s included in every single one of them, even if I think “Guards! Guards!” is my favorite so far (the City Guard is at times hilarious to read about) . I think it’s hard to describe how, but Terry Pratchett always seem to write with a twinkle in his eye. He also brings in parodies of the real world into the story, which is highly appreciated if you know what it’s about.

Though, I can’t decide what I think about this book in comparison of the other ones I’ve read of the Discworld series. It was ok, but I still “Guards! Guards!” is my, if not the book with Death as main character which I cannot remember the name of. Let’s just end this by concluding that it’s good, and very Terry Pratchett-ish with slight twists.

Also, credit to Terry Pratchett for writing this book while struggling with Alzheimer’s.

Terry Pratchett at Powell's in 2007.

Terry Pratchett at Powell’s in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sorry for cheating out on Mondays update but, as many of you have probably read on Ravencor’s blog, I’m currently in Gothenburg an enjoying the last week of summer break. Maybe I’ll write about it later on and present you to my new conquests?


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