Friday night’s pondering and autumn

Autumn’s making it beautiful outside and I lack the camera skills to eternalize it. I can see a palette with different shades of yellow, orange and cardinal red created by leaves from my kitchen window. I can’t believe I’ve never taken note of how many trees there is in my area earlier?


I’m having an intense reading period right know. Maybe I brought this upon myself, but I have three different major parts in my every-day that involves reading: A, this book challenge b, my literary course in school and c, my project in school that suitably, involves reading too. So I’ve got three books to read right now on top of my school work which suddenly multiplied and hijacked my freetime. And I who even bought a calendar to avoid this? I blame school.

I’ve also had my probably worst hair cut so far (which doesn’t say much at all), being cheated and laughed at by some asian kid at school who I have no idea who he is, quit a class because I couldn’t stand the teacher and taken up running again. I haven’t run for almost 3 months and it was both painful and wonderful to start-up anew. Even though it’s been so long, my endurance has somewhat remained, which truly is reassuring. Although, I have had to sadly accept that my speed is not what it used to be, and neither my muscles. I’ll have you know that I suffered from one of my top-ten worst after training aches.  It was painful to walk, sit down and every else nether region movement. Ouch.


Something that has occupied my mind lately is the question “what makes a good book?”. I consider myself being bad at distinguishing this, since I often sum it up by saying “it was ok”. Usually, I just think of something in the book that annoyed me or something I liked peculiarly. But I think, judging by what I’m judging, I think what I look at the most is the theme. If it’s a good theme I can stand most characters, even if they’re wimpy, bothering or plain stupid. If it’s not the theme, it’s the story. Some books you wouldn’t have read otherwise, but love because the plot intrigues you. Those books are the ones I remember vividly in the long-run and appreciate the most. However, I am curious. What do you think makes a book great?


Also, our storage of cardamom biscuits has run out. Never thought I’d miss a piece of bread so much.


Art that I didn’t have an excuse to use until now. Not really autumn though?


5 thoughts on “Friday night’s pondering and autumn

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  2. The first thing I came to think of was a book that makes you feel something you cannot really put a finger on, almost like it opens your eyes and make you see the things differently. It does not have to bee a deep novel that change the way you live or so, but as long as it leaves a mark in you, I think it is a good book~

  3. I absolutely love that picture… LOL. I think the first thing I use in my analyzation of something (book or movie) is the plot. If there isn’t one… I hate it… However, if I’m in for a light, detached love story to replace the romance i don’t presently have….LOL… then unless they are just totally stupid or extremely explicit, I’d probably enjoy the distraction… 😀

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