Week 51 – Book 51 – “the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams

Originally planned to read “the Two Towers” and then realized the mountain of homework piling up wasn’t going to disappear by itself. A little magic to help it do so though, would’ve been appreciated.

So yeah, I read “the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” instead.

The hardest question to this book is “what is it about?”, to which I snickered in response and said “I have absolutely no idea”. Because it’s true. This book is so random and all over the place, that trying to explain in words what it’s about becomes extremely difficult. I could for short say that it’s about a guy lost in space, or the story of Arthur Dent who becomes victim of some unfortunate events regarding his native planet. Either explanation does not actually tell what the story’s about, since the content  is so rapid and happens by chance that it’s hard to keep up with it. You read it, you enjoy it, but you will probably be confused as hell. In a positive way. The kind of confusion where you simply laugh and feel more wacky than usual, and is the most pleasurable.

I do not find it as hilarious as others seem though. I mean, there were parts where I laughed out loud (for instance, the part with the mattress being dead…most of the time), but not quite what I expected. Don’t misinterpret: it is funny, no doubt about it. I would rank it on par with Terry Pratchett (whom I seem to compare with everything nowadays?), though their individual style is slightly different. I think I had really high expectations of it since everyone seems to like it so much.


And my head currently feels like it’s stuffed with cotton, so I’ll just stop now before going out of context. Over and out.





4 thoughts on “Week 51 – Book 51 – “the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams

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  2. It is one of my favorite book. its not just about a man from earth lost in space, it is actually about ’42’ – answer to the ultimate questions…

    Like you, I liked it as an interesting science fiction the first time I read it but then when I re-read later on, I could get much more out of it 🙂

    • True, but it doesn’t start out from that, does it? I guess it’s a matter of perspective, haha…:D
      Really, why is that? I don’t plan to re-read it sometime soon, but maybe later this year.

      • Yes at one level, the cultural reference point that the book has become over the years, it is a roller coaster journey from earth to distant places in the galaxy, and the ’42’ comes at the fag end of the journey. The path is equally, if not more, important than the ultimate goal.

        Sometime in search of truth/ answer/ meaning, we just get lost into the details only, like finding the answer ’42’ and then forgetting the question was. You are right its just a matter of perspective – sometime the books work as seeds of ideas which grow into something totally different in our own minds.

        Don’t rush into it again too soon, it may ruin it for you forever, wait for a couple of years before giving it another try.

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