Week 52 – Book 52 – “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells

Oh my gosh, last book! Last book! I am finally finished!

Well, this was quite an interesting read. Amusing and eye-opening. Not amazed though. It sort of reminds me of “A Journey to the Center of the Earth” in parts, and I despise that book. This is because it has several segments where he describes the things from natural scientific perspective, which seriously bores me. There’s a significant difference in writing literature and painting up an image and simply describe how something looks. If you just stay to the materials physical properties, it’ll end up like a fact book, with its only contents being pure knowledge. I detest when people write a novel and do this. It’s horrible to read, kills your interest and makes the book an immense flatness, no depth at all.

This was only in some parts though. I first though the book was going to be made out of segments though history and not share any similarities at all. I was wrong. It was basically one journey, one that stirs up trouble for him though. While not being incredibly intriguing, it do describe a potential path of human mankind. I don’t think it’s a path many would’ve image, which I think is kinda interesting. However, this certain path isn’t really…that interesting. It’s somewhat cool that he manage to come up with it and so, but it lacks something vital to make it really great.

Also, the last time travel part I’ve had trouble seeing the need of. Except him being in a rush of escaping, I do not see it’s purpose at all. Either that or showing how the world will end up eventually. I wouldn’t say that the book is bad though, mediocre would be a better word. I’m not amazed or anything like that. It’s just another read that I’ll remember for a short while and in time forget. Though, I’m think that this kind of read is needed at times. Everything can’t be exceptional and mind-blowing.





5 thoughts on “Week 52 – Book 52 – “The Time Machine” by H.G. Wells

    • Världen är vår…! klarar man det här är ju allt en baggis liksom.
      Tror jag ska fortsätta läsa så gott det går, i och med sista-året-i-skolan-stress och så?

    • Are you mocking me perhaps?
      Får väl satsa på det. Elin har ju gjort surdegsbröd, och det känns ju lite som en utmaning mot mitt rykte som bagerska? Kan inte bara neka en öppen utmaning så där.

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