Hey, hello, books & goodbye

Long time no see! As ever, I’m a lousy blogger. Sorry to say, that doesn’t seem to change at all…
Anyhoo, I’ve been reading this book for a school assignment, and since I’ve pestered most of my friends about it I thought why not pester my blog with it too. I’ve had my eye on it for a while but the 600 pages was enough to make me reconsider. When my teacher then said we had to read memoirs, I saw my chance an instantly grabbed this one. Normally, I’m a little hesitant to memoirs, since I’ve thought they are quite boring…? I prefer a completely made-up story, thank you very much. 
What caught my interest is that it’s not the story of a famous person or something alike, rather history through the eyes of witness. The book is about the cultural revolution in China during the 1966 and continuing for the following 10 years, i. e China when Mao Zedong and his Communist Party ruled. Sadly to say, I knew nothing of this until I read this. Absolutely nothing, except that there was something called the Cultural Revolution (and we like to think of ourselves as globalized youths, haha. It’s ridiculous when I think of the half-year I spent in ninth grade reading about WW2 and the holocaust to the extent that I can’t stand reading about it now, and the teacher didn’t even manage to mention “Oh yeah, a great deal of Chinese people died during the 1960’s. Just thought you should know.” What even??). 
This book is so horrible. I feel so ignorant and stupid for having missed something as terrible as this. It’s horrible because the author lines up event after event of assaults, public humiliation, oppression, beatings and murders. There’s no end to them, they just keep coming. It truly is frightening when you realize that this was the reality for some, a reality that was their only life. Therefore, this book is painful to go through, but it’s so worth it. I’ve barely made it halfway and I can’t stop reading it because it’s so revolting, illuminating intriguing at the same time, that you can’t let it go. 

…and I realized I haven’t even mentioned the name of it yet. It’s called “Rött Land, Röd Jord – En flickas uppväxt i Maos Kina” by Ming Wang-Sonnerup (basically “Red Land, Red Earth – A girls upbringing in Mao’s China”. Sadly, I don’t think it’s translated to English.
I don’t know if I should write a full review of it when I’m finished? Oh well, we’ll see about that.

“The 3 July and 24 July proclamations are Chairman Mao’s great strategic plans! Unite with forces that can be united with to strike surely, accurately and relentlessly at the handful of class enemies”



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