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Found this while browsing covers on youtube…I have no idea who this guy is, but it surely is a good cover. Although I like the original too, I’m having a hard time deciding which one of them I like the most.



“Ah, music! A magic far beyond all we do here!”
― Albus Dumbledore, 
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.



Music Mania

Since all I’ve been posting until now has been about books or books, I’ve contemplated how I can vary my writing. Aaaaand, I listen to a lot o music. Really, if you had seen my headphones, you would’ve known. You scarcely see me without them on or hanging around my neck, and because of that people tend to ask me what I listen to. The problem is, I don’t even know. The usual answer would be “Asian shit and soundtracks of some sort”, but that only seem to puzzle people even more. Therefore, I’m going to post posts about it so we can, once and for all, get this sorted out. I think I’ll write a couple of posts, each with a different category of music, and include 5 or 6 of my favourite songs from that category. Confusing? I hope not.
I think I’ll  start this by dealing with the subject “anime soundtracks”. I’m currently not a very hardcore anime watcher, but I do have seen quite a number. Some of them do have simply amazing (caught the reference?) soundtracks that makes the experience of watching a whole lot better. These are my personal favourite which I’ve picked with careful regard (it’s so hard to choose only five songs), so I hope they’ll be to your satisfaction.

“Witch” by Kajiura Yuki, from the anime “Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle”

I think that this soundtrack is my absolute favourite. I don’t think I’ve ever heard something that resembles this the least. I am, unhesitatingly, a fan of Kajiura Yuki. I think this particular song might be seen as odd or even creepy, but I love the slight fear in the song and at the same time very secretive tone. Anyhow, the score for “Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle” is severely underestimated.

“Good News” by Kaoru Wada, from “D. Gray Man”

I admit, I’m a sucker for any choir-like thing in songs. It has gotten to the point where it’s getting ridiculous. I kinda like the sadder songs from D. Gray Man and had a hard time choosing between this and “saikai, but eventually I choose this one”.  The part at 0:34 always seem to make me emotional, even tough I’ve heard at the least hundred times. Beautiful, definitely.

“Sky-2-High” by Skankfunk, from “Air Gear”

Me and my friend agree that this is also an amazing soundtrack (even though we might not agree about which song is the best). It’s more high-paced than the earlier songs, but since it’s a sporty anime, it fits like a glove.  This soundtrack is also great for running, because of reasons stated earlier. I don’t really know what I like about this, I believe it’s because it has a pretty unusual sound to it?

“Erza vs erza” by Yasuharu Takanashi, from “Fairy Tail”

Fairy Tail has a very distinctive soundtrack. I might be out of depth but it’s kinda Scottish music mixed with rock? Anyhow, what I love about this song is the turn at 0:55 – it had me caught since the first time I heard it. It’s also nice that while it’s a fight song, but it still has this “happy” tone to it.

“Mifune” by Taku Iwasaki, from “Soul Eater”

Together with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Soul Eater shares the title of “most original soundtrack”. This might not be the uniquest song and I personally had a problem choosing only one; I like almost all songs on the soundtrack, especially “Soul Eater (So Scandalous)”,” Bang! Bang! Bang! Have a nice dream” and “Death City”. To summarize, you should really give this soundtrack a go.

As a bonus, I can’t resist the urge to give you the link to this song. And it do count as an anime soundtrack. However, the only part I like (read: adore) is the beginning to 1:40.

I’ve revealed all my top-secret favourites. Now, flourish.

Feedback would be awesome? Guys? Guys?