The Book Challenge

The intent of this blog is to challenge. Not you, but me. A dear friend of mine participated in the “52 books in 52 weeks”-challenge, and I decided to join her, for fun and educative (partially) purposes. Thus, I created this blog.

So far, it has been fun to do this challenge. I actually don’t know what I’ll do when my challenge has ended? It has been very educative and interesting since I get the chance to read a lot of books I normally wouldn’t have. It’s also very different from a reading assignment you might have received in school since I can freely chose what book I want to read. It’s also nice since if you have to read and don’t know what to pick, you might choose a book you wouldn’t have selected otherwise out of sheer desperation.

Here is a link to a website that contains information about the book challenge. However, I don’t follow the rules to the letter, other than the rule that you must read one book a week.


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